Jamplay vs Truefire Review 2017

Jamplay vs Truefire Review 2017 – Find out which online guitar lessons provider is recommended for beginner guitarists via this comparison article.

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Truefire is great, has a lot of content, probably too much compared to the other guitar-learning portals, and has an awesome list of instructors offering great lessons. In fact, a good number of instructors on Truefire are celebrities in their own rights. So, what is it that makes JamPlay exceptional enough that it outranks all the finesse that Truefire exhibits? Firstly, JamPlay pays attention to beginners. Because this is the most important stage in learning the guitar, a good foundation makes the preceding lessons easy to grasp. Here is a comprehensive JamPlay vs Truefire review that highlights the characteristics of these two online guitar portals and explains why JamPlay is the better of them.

Beginner lessons

Truefire excels as an online guitar-learning portal for two reasons; it has high-caliber guitar instructors and host classrooms and workshops that many consider the closest imitation of in-person guitar teachers. There however is no clear progression path and newbies lose out because there is not content to nurture their nonexistent skills. JamPlay on the other hand, offers great beginner lessons complete with a definitive structure that guides the flow of knowledge and progression to the advanced lessons. Truefire’s lessons and structure as such, are not friendly to beginners while JamPlay’s sessions set beginners at ease and prepare them adequately for future classes.

Comprehensive content

When you navigate into Truefire, you get the feeling that there is a lot happening all at the same time. There are new releases, most popular lessons, 30 modal progressions to check out, best rock grooves and many other such subtle calls to action. Despite the wealth of content, the website lacks a clear path to any of the three ways it uses to teach the guitar. This easily overwhelms learners. Granted, the website has a lot of material, probably a lot more that all online guitar lessons portals combined. But, none of that content is presented in an orderly and easy-to-consume manner.

JamPlay does have about 5,200 guitar lessons and a handful live boot camps that are all easy to navigate. Moreover, the lessons structure exhibit a sequential order that every learner adapts to with ease.

Experienced master tutors

Both JamPlay and Truefire have impressive tutors who have amazing lessons covering all aspects of the guitar. Tutors on Truefire offer their lessons as courses, workshops and classrooms. Courses have a structure similar to lessons on JamPlay or Guitar Tricks and cover specific genres, styles or techniques. Workshops are a kin to the users’ forum on JamPlay where tutors can respond to specific questions posed by learners. Classrooms on the other hand, offer customized lessons based on the learner’s needs and skill level.

Such an arrangement is outstanding. In fact, it would easily beat every other offer available online were it not for the complicated pricing policy that Truefire abides by; learners have to pay separately for each of the three.

JamPlay beats Truefire in this regard because it has 50 tutors who together present more than 5,000 lessons, live boot camp sessions and private tutorials, all at a standard monthly charge.


JamPlay has just one all-inclusive monthly subscription that costs $19.95. This gives learners access to all the lessons, jams and tutorials on the website. Truefire on the other hand, offers its courses at $19 per month, which is cheaper especially if you pay for an entire year. Learners however, have to pay additional fees to access workshops and classrooms. Workshops are available at a one-time fee of $149 while classrooms cost as much as $249 per month. This you must admit, is a steep price considering that there are many equally good or even better websites offering same services.

Truefire is a good guitar-learning website with a lot to offer. It however alienates complete newbies and offers some of its modules are extremely costly. JamPlay on the other hand, provides all its lessons and tutorials in a great and easy to follow structure. It also has a competitive price. It is clear from this JamPlay vs Truefire review, why JamPlay is the better of these two.

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