Jamplay vs Justin Guitar Review 2017

Jamplay vs Justin Guitar Review 2017 – Find out which online guitar lessons provider is recommended for beginner guitarists via this comparison article.

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JamPlay is a great guitar lessons website with a lot of great content and fantastic song library. It is one of the leading two programs online. On the other hand, Justin Guitar has about 950 guitar lessons online that are free. That ‘free’ tag has an attractive allure to it. These lessons, developed by Justin Sandercoe, an Australian-born London-based songwriter, producer and performing guitarist, cover the breadth of guitar learning from beginner modules to advanced lessons. That notwithstanding, Justin Guitar is not in JamPlay’s league. This review pitting JamPlay vs Justin Guitar delves into the features of both programs and explains why JamPlay offers the best guitar lessons.

Beginner-friendly lessons

Both JamPlay and Justin Guitar have great beginner guitar courses. In fact, Justin Guitar’s beginner course is very impressive for a freemium. It has a comprehensive introduction, goes on to cover common beginner questions, rhythm training, proper guitar technique, some theory, a few open chords as well as changing between these, some fingerstyle and culminates with the minor pentatonic scale. JamPlay’s premium offer however, blows this out of the water. Firstly, JamPlay has great organization with a lot more professional approach to the needs of beginners. Secondly, all these lessons have amazing depth and easily progress into succeeding lessons.

Justin Guitar lessons, though a clear exhibition of commitment and tenacity, do lack proper organization and may not be very suitable for total beginners.

Comprehensive content bank

For a one-man-show, the content on Justin Guitar is impressive. There are almost 1,000 guitar lessons available freely. Learners who progress to intermediate and advanced stages may however have to buy DVDs that Justin sells. These are especially important for supplementing the free lessons. These DVDs cover aspects such as strumming techniques, mastering the major scale, solo, rhythm and lead guitar modules for blues and folk fingerstyle. Justin’s store also has paperbacks, downloadable eBooks, mobile apps and mp3 backing tracks among other resources. As impressive as this may sound, it pales in comparison with over 5,200 guitar lessons available on JamPlay.

JamPlay has 50 accomplished performing guitarists who are masters in their chosen genres. These instructors together have thousands of carefully arranged lessons that address the needs of learners in general as well as particular needs that particular students present from time to time.

Impressive features

Justin Guitar has two major YouTube channels; JustinSandercoe, which has all the main lessons that focus on technique and theory and JustinSandercoeSongs, which teaches learners how to play songs. These channels together offer a wealth of resources. They however do not have the kind of order that can instill discipline among learners. JamPlay counters this by providing its lessons in arranged lessons that progress systematically from rudimentary to more advanced stages. Moreover, JamPlay has eight supplementary features that help students polish their skills during lessons. These include scale, chord as well as lick and riff libraries. Other features are the metronome that helps learners create etudes, chord identifier and guitar tuner.

Is it all free?

Justin Guitar is free. At least the lessons are. Justin however encourages learners to donate so he can keep offering the lessons free. This sounds noble but if you throw in all the books and DVDs that you have to buy to make your lessons easy, it adds up to a tidy sum. JamPlay’s monthly $19.95 subscription is easy to deal with because you know what to expect for that price.

Justin Guitar is a great service and one borne the need to give back to society. It helps many people learn the guitar passably well. JamPlay however, provides a premium service with well-defined services and traceable impact. You will achieve more and learn the guitar a lot faster on JamPlay than using Justin Sandercoe’s benevolence. Of course, there are few instances where Justin Guitar gives JamPlay a thorough run and makes JamPlay vs Justin Guitar almost a tie. Overall, JamPlay is the better of these two.

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