Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks Review 2017

Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks Review 2017 – Find out which online guitar lessons provider is recommended for beginner guitarists via this comparison article.

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Guitar Online Lessons

Doing honest JamPlay vs Guitar Tricks review probably is the trickiest assignment any reviewer can have on his or her desk. This is so because these two are the two leading guitar-training programs available online now. Putting them head-to-head as such draws many similarities. That notwithstanding, Guitar Tricks is the older of the two, but JamPlay now plays the follower who has overtaken the pioneer. This is evident from the platform’s video editing quality as well as the impressive rate with which the website adds new lessons. Here is a detailed look at these two programs as well as the reasons why JamPlay outranks Guitar Tricks and wins this bout with all the possible five stars.

Vibrant song library with quality guitar lessons for beginners

JamPlay has more than 300 hundred songs. While this is only about half the number of songs available inside Guitar Tricks library, JamPlay’s structure pays more attention to beginner sessions, which is the most important stage in everyone’s journey to mastering the guitar. Moreover, JamPlay adds more songs and guitar lessons into its library a lot faster than Guitar Tricks does. It only is a matter of time before JamPlay catches up and even overtakes Guitar Tricks in regards to the breadth of its song library.

Optimally comprehensive

Guitar Tricks and JamPlay both have comprehensive content banks. The former has 600 songs and some 11,000 lessons while the former has about half as many songs and about 5,200 lessons. While this may make Guitar Tricks look attractive, that huge number of lessons is overwhelming to many learners, especially since the website does not have a proper structure for the said content as JamPlay does.

Rich instructor portfolio with genre-specific lessons

JamPlay is newer than Guitar Tricks but it already has five more instructors than Guitar Tricks. Considering that, these instructors are accomplished performing artists and experts in their respective genres, JamPlay subscribers have a richer diversity of talented trainers. Morever, JamPlay lays emphasis on genres and have a decent number of specific lessons geared towards the needs of students targeting such specific genres. This indeed is a big deal because guitar genres have major discrepancies between them such that what applies to blues may have no use to classic rock or metal songs.

Live guitar courses

Before the proliferation of online guitar lessons, most guitar learners preferred in-person sessions or video clips because these were the best training methods they could access then. JamPlay has a feature that keeps with tradition and presents learners with live guitar lessons for all who still prefer these traditional methods and the benefit of one-on-one instructions that they come with. This feature is unique to the platform and presents the said lessons as boot camps lasting between eight and ten weeks. These live sessions also offer supplementary practice and reading materials as the other lessons do. Learners, who opt for these lessons as such, can expect additional practice tools, PDFs as well as high definition jam tracks on various topical areas like music theory, mastering strumming, blues and melodic magic.

Guitar Tricks looks very good on paper but JamPlay does outclass it. Granted, its 30-days money back guarantee looks attractive but JamPlay’s 7-day guarantee is just as effective because many people who pick an online guitar lesson can know if it is effective within just hours of signing up. Moreover, JamPlay’s features are a lot more comprehensive and can easily convert any learner from a clueless beginner to a master guitar player in just a few short months. Any JamPlay vs Guitar Tricks review is only fair if it awards JamPlay all the five available stars, (5/5).

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Jamplay vs Justin Guitar Review 2017

Jamplay vs Justin Guitar Review 2017 – Find out which online guitar lessons provider is recommended for beginner guitarists via this comparison article.

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Guitar Online Training

JamPlay is a great guitar lessons website with a lot of great content and fantastic song library. It is one of the leading two programs online. On the other hand, Justin Guitar has about 950 guitar lessons online that are free. That ‘free’ tag has an attractive allure to it. These lessons, developed by Justin Sandercoe, an Australian-born London-based songwriter, producer and performing guitarist, cover the breadth of guitar learning from beginner modules to advanced lessons. That notwithstanding, Justin Guitar is not in JamPlay’s league. This review pitting JamPlay vs Justin Guitar delves into the features of both programs and explains why JamPlay offers the best guitar lessons.

Beginner-friendly lessons

Both JamPlay and Justin Guitar have great beginner guitar courses. In fact, Justin Guitar’s beginner course is very impressive for a freemium. It has a comprehensive introduction, goes on to cover common beginner questions, rhythm training, proper guitar technique, some theory, a few open chords as well as changing between these, some fingerstyle and culminates with the minor pentatonic scale. JamPlay’s premium offer however, blows this out of the water. Firstly, JamPlay has great organization with a lot more professional approach to the needs of beginners. Secondly, all these lessons have amazing depth and easily progress into succeeding lessons.

Justin Guitar lessons, though a clear exhibition of commitment and tenacity, do lack proper organization and may not be very suitable for total beginners.

Comprehensive content bank

For a one-man-show, the content on Justin Guitar is impressive. There are almost 1,000 guitar lessons available freely. Learners who progress to intermediate and advanced stages may however have to buy DVDs that Justin sells. These are especially important for supplementing the free lessons. These DVDs cover aspects such as strumming techniques, mastering the major scale, solo, rhythm and lead guitar modules for blues and folk fingerstyle. Justin’s store also has paperbacks, downloadable eBooks, mobile apps and mp3 backing tracks among other resources. As impressive as this may sound, it pales in comparison with over 5,200 guitar lessons available on JamPlay.

JamPlay has 50 accomplished performing guitarists who are masters in their chosen genres. These instructors together have thousands of carefully arranged lessons that address the needs of learners in general as well as particular needs that particular students present from time to time.

Impressive features

Justin Guitar has two major YouTube channels; JustinSandercoe, which has all the main lessons that focus on technique and theory and JustinSandercoeSongs, which teaches learners how to play songs. These channels together offer a wealth of resources. They however do not have the kind of order that can instill discipline among learners. JamPlay counters this by providing its lessons in arranged lessons that progress systematically from rudimentary to more advanced stages. Moreover, JamPlay has eight supplementary features that help students polish their skills during lessons. These include scale, chord as well as lick and riff libraries. Other features are the metronome that helps learners create etudes, chord identifier and guitar tuner.

Is it all free?

Justin Guitar is free. At least the lessons are. Justin however encourages learners to donate so he can keep offering the lessons free. This sounds noble but if you throw in all the books and DVDs that you have to buy to make your lessons easy, it adds up to a tidy sum. JamPlay’s monthly $19.95 subscription is easy to deal with because you know what to expect for that price.

Justin Guitar is a great service and one borne the need to give back to society. It helps many people learn the guitar passably well. JamPlay however, provides a premium service with well-defined services and traceable impact. You will achieve more and learn the guitar a lot faster on JamPlay than using Justin Sandercoe’s benevolence. Of course, there are few instances where Justin Guitar gives JamPlay a thorough run and makes JamPlay vs Justin Guitar almost a tie. Overall, JamPlay is the better of these two.

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1. http://www.justinguitar.com/

Jamplay vs Rocksmith Review 2017

Jamplay vs Rocksmith Review 2017 – Find out which online guitar lessons provider is recommended for beginner guitarists via this comparison article.

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Guitar Lessons Review

JamPlay has been around for a while now and in the process, built a faithful following of guitarists who used the platform to perfect their skills. Rocksmith on the other hand, is a guitar-based video game a kin to Rock Band or Guitar Hero. It comes with enhancements such as the USB-to-1/4″ cable, which allows you to connect your guitar to a game console. It also has guitar effect simulators and built-in amp that effectively converts your TV and game console into a guitar rig. This pretty much sums Rocksmith, well, this plus the 50 or so songs that come with the program. It is therefore easy to see why any credible JamPlay vs Rocksmith review should depict Rocksmith as JamPlay’s inferior. Here though, is a detailed comparison.

Proper content structure with beginner friendly lessons

Rocksmith has 50 rock songs; this is very little. JamPlay’s vibrant song library has more than 300 numbers of different genres. Moreover, the songs available on Rocksmith are only rock titles; this can frustrate the efforts of learners looking to master other genres. This is so because guitar genres have major discrepancies between them. Aside from the many songs and guitar lessons, JamPlay has a better lesson structure that is progressive and takes care of the basics in the initial stages so that learners develop a great foundation.

Diverse features

Rocksmith is fun because the gamification of the learning process ensures that you have your guitar in your hand every time you are learning. In addition, their scoring system and simple feedbacks heighten this fun and ensure that learners’ attention is held a lot longer. This unfortunately, is not enough. The program’s video instructions and foundation lessons are inadequate and leave major gaps. Most students who use this software have a hard time fretting their guitars properly.

Rocksmith focuses on and encourages learners to pick songs and strum to tunes. This is not appropriate because many learners fail to grasp mandatory knowledge when they should. You as such get to learn a few notes of a few songs but at the expense of essential knowledge such as holding and fretting your guitar and positioning your fingers. JamPlay on the other hand, has many features that help sharpen the basic skills. All these build on the JamPlay’s stable structure.

Ideal platforms

You can learn the guitar on your Mac, PS3, PS4, Wii, Xbox One and Xbox 360 as long as you have the Rocksmith software. This is actually very cool especially because you can sit in your living room with guitar lessons booming through your surround sound system. JamPlay however, is available on your virtual browser and as such, you can access it anywhere as long as you have a computer or mobile device and decent internet connection. In addition, Rocksmith lacks tablature to go with its video instructions. Its teaching methods are as such, awkward because the notes fly at the learner who has to fret these on the fingerboard accurately.

Effective pricing

Rocksmith costs $59.99, which is a solid price for the software especially because it comes with a few free songs. There however is a catch because in the course of learning, you will want additional songs, which you have to buy. These go for between $5 and $10 for every pack of two to five songs. JamPlay on the other hand, is available at an all-inclusive price of $19.95 per month.
Any program that can get your guitar into your hands is awesome and Rocksmith scores highly on this aspect. You can however develop bad habits while using the program and stand to miss on mandatory fundamental knowledge. As this JamPlay vs Rocksmith review evidently illustrates, JamPlay scores all the possible five stars, (5/5).

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1. http://rocksmith.ubi.com/rocksmith/en-us/home/
2. http://www.startteachingguitar.com/rocksmith/

Jamplay vs Truefire Review 2017

Jamplay vs Truefire Review 2017 – Find out which online guitar lessons provider is recommended for beginner guitarists via this comparison article.

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Learn Guitar

Truefire is great, has a lot of content, probably too much compared to the other guitar-learning portals, and has an awesome list of instructors offering great lessons. In fact, a good number of instructors on Truefire are celebrities in their own rights. So, what is it that makes JamPlay exceptional enough that it outranks all the finesse that Truefire exhibits? Firstly, JamPlay pays attention to beginners. Because this is the most important stage in learning the guitar, a good foundation makes the preceding lessons easy to grasp. Here is a comprehensive JamPlay vs Truefire review that highlights the characteristics of these two online guitar portals and explains why JamPlay is the better of them.

Beginner lessons

Truefire excels as an online guitar-learning portal for two reasons; it has high-caliber guitar instructors and host classrooms and workshops that many consider the closest imitation of in-person guitar teachers. There however is no clear progression path and newbies lose out because there is not content to nurture their nonexistent skills. JamPlay on the other hand, offers great beginner lessons complete with a definitive structure that guides the flow of knowledge and progression to the advanced lessons. Truefire’s lessons and structure as such, are not friendly to beginners while JamPlay’s sessions set beginners at ease and prepare them adequately for future classes.

Comprehensive content

When you navigate into Truefire, you get the feeling that there is a lot happening all at the same time. There are new releases, most popular lessons, 30 modal progressions to check out, best rock grooves and many other such subtle calls to action. Despite the wealth of content, the website lacks a clear path to any of the three ways it uses to teach the guitar. This easily overwhelms learners. Granted, the website has a lot of material, probably a lot more that all online guitar lessons portals combined. But, none of that content is presented in an orderly and easy-to-consume manner.

JamPlay does have about 5,200 guitar lessons and a handful live boot camps that are all easy to navigate. Moreover, the lessons structure exhibit a sequential order that every learner adapts to with ease.

Experienced master tutors

Both JamPlay and Truefire have impressive tutors who have amazing lessons covering all aspects of the guitar. Tutors on Truefire offer their lessons as courses, workshops and classrooms. Courses have a structure similar to lessons on JamPlay or Guitar Tricks and cover specific genres, styles or techniques. Workshops are a kin to the users’ forum on JamPlay where tutors can respond to specific questions posed by learners. Classrooms on the other hand, offer customized lessons based on the learner’s needs and skill level.

Such an arrangement is outstanding. In fact, it would easily beat every other offer available online were it not for the complicated pricing policy that Truefire abides by; learners have to pay separately for each of the three.

JamPlay beats Truefire in this regard because it has 50 tutors who together present more than 5,000 lessons, live boot camp sessions and private tutorials, all at a standard monthly charge.


JamPlay has just one all-inclusive monthly subscription that costs $19.95. This gives learners access to all the lessons, jams and tutorials on the website. Truefire on the other hand, offers its courses at $19 per month, which is cheaper especially if you pay for an entire year. Learners however, have to pay additional fees to access workshops and classrooms. Workshops are available at a one-time fee of $149 while classrooms cost as much as $249 per month. This you must admit, is a steep price considering that there are many equally good or even better websites offering same services.

Truefire is a good guitar-learning website with a lot to offer. It however alienates complete newbies and offers some of its modules are extremely costly. JamPlay on the other hand, provides all its lessons and tutorials in a great and easy to follow structure. It also has a competitive price. It is clear from this JamPlay vs Truefire review, why JamPlay is the better of these two.

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