Jamplay vs Rocksmith Review 2017

Jamplay vs Rocksmith Review 2017 – Find out which online guitar lessons provider is recommended for beginner guitarists via this comparison article.

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JamPlay has been around for a while now and in the process, built a faithful following of guitarists who used the platform to perfect their skills. Rocksmith on the other hand, is a guitar-based video game a kin to Rock Band or Guitar Hero. It comes with enhancements such as the USB-to-1/4″ cable, which allows you to connect your guitar to a game console. It also has guitar effect simulators and built-in amp that effectively converts your TV and game console into a guitar rig. This pretty much sums Rocksmith, well, this plus the 50 or so songs that come with the program. It is therefore easy to see why any credible JamPlay vs Rocksmith review should depict Rocksmith as JamPlay’s inferior. Here though, is a detailed comparison.

Proper content structure with beginner friendly lessons

Rocksmith has 50 rock songs; this is very little. JamPlay’s vibrant song library has more than 300 numbers of different genres. Moreover, the songs available on Rocksmith are only rock titles; this can frustrate the efforts of learners looking to master other genres. This is so because guitar genres have major discrepancies between them. Aside from the many songs and guitar lessons, JamPlay has a better lesson structure that is progressive and takes care of the basics in the initial stages so that learners develop a great foundation.

Diverse features

Rocksmith is fun because the gamification of the learning process ensures that you have your guitar in your hand every time you are learning. In addition, their scoring system and simple feedbacks heighten this fun and ensure that learners’ attention is held a lot longer. This unfortunately, is not enough. The program’s video instructions and foundation lessons are inadequate and leave major gaps. Most students who use this software have a hard time fretting their guitars properly.

Rocksmith focuses on and encourages learners to pick songs and strum to tunes. This is not appropriate because many learners fail to grasp mandatory knowledge when they should. You as such get to learn a few notes of a few songs but at the expense of essential knowledge such as holding and fretting your guitar and positioning your fingers. JamPlay on the other hand, has many features that help sharpen the basic skills. All these build on the JamPlay’s stable structure.

Ideal platforms

You can learn the guitar on your Mac, PS3, PS4, Wii, Xbox One and Xbox 360 as long as you have the Rocksmith software. This is actually very cool especially because you can sit in your living room with guitar lessons booming through your surround sound system. JamPlay however, is available on your virtual browser and as such, you can access it anywhere as long as you have a computer or mobile device and decent internet connection. In addition, Rocksmith lacks tablature to go with its video instructions. Its teaching methods are as such, awkward because the notes fly at the learner who has to fret these on the fingerboard accurately.

Effective pricing

Rocksmith costs $59.99, which is a solid price for the software especially because it comes with a few free songs. There however is a catch because in the course of learning, you will want additional songs, which you have to buy. These go for between $5 and $10 for every pack of two to five songs. JamPlay on the other hand, is available at an all-inclusive price of $19.95 per month.
Any program that can get your guitar into your hands is awesome and Rocksmith scores highly on this aspect. You can however develop bad habits while using the program and stand to miss on mandatory fundamental knowledge. As this JamPlay vs Rocksmith review evidently illustrates, JamPlay scores all the possible five stars, (5/5).

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