Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks Review 2017

Jamplay vs Guitar Tricks Review 2017 – Find out which online guitar lessons provider is recommended for beginner guitarists via this comparison article.

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Doing honest JamPlay vs Guitar Tricks review probably is the trickiest assignment any reviewer can have on his or her desk. This is so because these two are the two leading guitar-training programs available online now. Putting them head-to-head as such draws many similarities. That notwithstanding, Guitar Tricks is the older of the two, but JamPlay now plays the follower who has overtaken the pioneer. This is evident from the platform’s video editing quality as well as the impressive rate with which the website adds new lessons. Here is a detailed look at these two programs as well as the reasons why JamPlay outranks Guitar Tricks and wins this bout with all the possible five stars.

Vibrant song library with quality guitar lessons for beginners

JamPlay has more than 300 hundred songs. While this is only about half the number of songs available inside Guitar Tricks library, JamPlay’s structure pays more attention to beginner sessions, which is the most important stage in everyone’s journey to mastering the guitar. Moreover, JamPlay adds more songs and guitar lessons into its library a lot faster than Guitar Tricks does. It only is a matter of time before JamPlay catches up and even overtakes Guitar Tricks in regards to the breadth of its song library.

Optimally comprehensive

Guitar Tricks and JamPlay both have comprehensive content banks. The former has 600 songs and some 11,000 lessons while the former has about half as many songs and about 5,200 lessons. While this may make Guitar Tricks look attractive, that huge number of lessons is overwhelming to many learners, especially since the website does not have a proper structure for the said content as JamPlay does.

Rich instructor portfolio with genre-specific lessons

JamPlay is newer than Guitar Tricks but it already has five more instructors than Guitar Tricks. Considering that, these instructors are accomplished performing artists and experts in their respective genres, JamPlay subscribers have a richer diversity of talented trainers. Morever, JamPlay lays emphasis on genres and have a decent number of specific lessons geared towards the needs of students targeting such specific genres. This indeed is a big deal because guitar genres have major discrepancies between them such that what applies to blues may have no use to classic rock or metal songs.

Live guitar courses

Before the proliferation of online guitar lessons, most guitar learners preferred in-person sessions or video clips because these were the best training methods they could access then. JamPlay has a feature that keeps with tradition and presents learners with live guitar lessons for all who still prefer these traditional methods and the benefit of one-on-one instructions that they come with. This feature is unique to the platform and presents the said lessons as boot camps lasting between eight and ten weeks. These live sessions also offer supplementary practice and reading materials as the other lessons do. Learners, who opt for these lessons as such, can expect additional practice tools, PDFs as well as high definition jam tracks on various topical areas like music theory, mastering strumming, blues and melodic magic.

Guitar Tricks looks very good on paper but JamPlay does outclass it. Granted, its 30-days money back guarantee looks attractive but JamPlay’s 7-day guarantee is just as effective because many people who pick an online guitar lesson can know if it is effective within just hours of signing up. Moreover, JamPlay’s features are a lot more comprehensive and can easily convert any learner from a clueless beginner to a master guitar player in just a few short months. Any JamPlay vs Guitar Tricks review is only fair if it awards JamPlay all the five available stars, (5/5).

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