Jamplay Review 2017

Jamplay Review 2017 – a feature to feature review of Jamplay online guitar lessons program. Does Jamplay work for beginner guitarists find out here?

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People who aspire to learn the guitar or polish their skills are now turning to online lessons. Aside from being convenient, they are also thorough and in most instance, outdoor in-person sessions. One such online learning program that is also one of the best online is JamPlay. Some of JamPlay’s outstanding features include an elaborate library with hundreds of songs, over 5,000 guitar lessons, 50 experienced instructors who are also performing guitarists, user-friendly features such as the metronome that helps produce etudes that hasten the learning process and live guitar lessons for people who prefer the personal touch. This JamPlay review takes a detailed look at all these as well as customer support, pricing and money back guarantee.

It has beginner friendly lessons

JamPlay’s beginner guitar lessons are the best online. They are straightforward, made to address the needs of green beginners and follow a well thought out chronological order. The content is thus easy to grasp. Aside from the great lesson structure, JamPlay packs very informative content. Actually, these lessons are so good that learners who ace them usually are competent enough to play a good number of popular classics. Most people learn the guitar so they are able to play tunes competently. Thus, the ability to do so after just a few lessons is indeed a great touch.

They have a comprehensive content bank

Jamplay’s guitar lessons range from intermediate to advanced learners’ content. These are able to transform any learner from a decent guitar player to an exceptionally good performing guitarist. Learners who are keen on mastering specific aspects of the instrument can also pick from the many individual lessons available. These individual lessons cover areas such as improvisation, how to do certain stuff and what to avoid and many other such related content.

Learners who have their eyes set on specific genres will find JamPlay very appropriate. The platform has genre-specific lessons that can help you master any of the various genres with amazing ease. This may not mean a lot to you when beginning but your will realize as your progress, that many discrepancies exist between guitar genres. This is so much so such that what is applicable in blues may have no meaning to metal or classic rock songs.

Overall, JamPlay has over 5,200 guitar lessons in high-definition videos. This is a great resource by any standard.

It is has many useful features

JamPlay has eight essential accompanying features that help sharpen your guitar playing skills. These include chord, scale and lick and riff libraries. The chord library contains materials with analysis and illustrations of guitar chords from all the featured music families. It also has images and corresponding tabs of these categories of music. The scale library has videos, theories and fingerboard diagrams covering more than 40 guitar scales. Lastly, the lick and riff library features a collection of brief, fun and quirky licks and riffs from various instructors on the platform. JamPlay also has a metronome, which is essential when creating etudes, an interactive guitar tuner with audio playback as well as settings for various tunings and a chord identifier that helps you distinguish names of various chords by simply placing your virtual fingers on the fingerboard.

You can also back tracks on JamPlay and play use the games feature to play games that help your fingers grasp the concept of strumming. The feature that backs tracks enables you to select keep a list of tracks from your favorite instructors in the platform and practice with these. The games feature on the other hand, has cleverly chosen games that are instrumental in helping you spruce your guitar skills.

Decent library

No JamPlay review is complete without mentioning the platform’s extensive song collection. You can learn any of these and the good news is that these songs are available in more than sheet music. You can access actual instructor-developed materials that cover all aspects of the etudes with additional time spent on the complicated or difficult segments. Once you are set and ready to play, the platform has vocal track that accompany you while you are shredding. Learners who are not able to get songs they seek from the song library can request tutorials from the members-only forum, which is open to all paid up members.

Vibrant instructors offering guitar and song writing lessons

Instructors on JamPlay are some of the most experienced. The platform has 50 professional instructors who are accomplished performers in their own rights and masters in their areas of specialization.

Another of JamPlay’s great features is its song writing section. Most students learning the guitar never think about song writing. This is sad because ideally, every musician needs to write and record at least a song or two, or even an album if possible. There are about 11 videos, probably more, tackling the art of song writing and covering all essential aspects from the rudimentary stages of I-IV-V chord progression all the way to writing melodies and deconstructing lyrics. This feature is unique to JamPlay. Be prepared however, to perfect your basic knowledge song writing especially on aspects such as open chords if you want to make the most of this section.

Live guitar courses

Learners who believe that live interactions bring better results are free to test JamPlay’s live guitar courses. There are several such courses presented as eight to ten-week live boot camps that are designed to get learners off to a speedy start. These courses offer supplementary reading and practice material such as jam tracks, PDFs, tabs and practice tools. Moreover, learners can interact with instructors during these sessions. The topics covered in the boot camps include Music Theory, Fundamentals of Guitar, Basics of Blues, Strumming Mastery, Introduction to Bluegrass and Melodic Magic.

Affordable rates

You now can join more than 430,000 guitarists who have perfected their guitar-playing skills using the comprehensive lessons that JamPlay offers. The platform provides three membership plans, which are month-to-month for $19.95, quarterly membership for $49.95 and an annual subscription costing just $109.95. The annual plan is attractive because it comes laden with a do over course for beginners and 80 jam tracks in four different genres, all these worth $120. There is a money back guarantee so if at all you are not happy with the program, you can ask for a refund.

Like any credible piece, this JamPlay review cannot name every great aspect of this online guitar learning resource. You will experience a lot more features that are beautiful once you sign up. For instance, the platform’s rich and ever expanding song library is something to anticipate. On a scale of one to five, JamPlay scores a resounding 5/5.

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