Guitar Tricks Review 2017

Guitar Tricks Review 2017 – a feature to feature review of Guitar Tricks online guitar lessons program. Does Guitar Tricks work for beginner guitarists find out here?

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Being able to pick up a guitar and make great music is every person’s dream, well, almost everyone. Many people sadly do not attain this great achievement because they do not know how to go about the learning process. Fortunately, Guitar Tricks saves the day. This series of online guitar lessons help you learn guitar fast, easily and with a lot of fun in the process. This Guitar Tricks review highlights some of the good features of the lessons and explains why this is the best thing to ever happen to anyone with keen ambitions of mastering the guitar.

It is comprehensive

Everything you need to master the guitar is available in one place and you can access these with just a few clicks. There are all-inclusive learning systems for people in all stages. The beginners’ core learning systems for instance, have appropriately paced lessons that are comfortable even for the slowest of learners. There are genre specific exercises for rock, blues and country and a rich library of more than 600 songs and about 11,000 lessons. Guitar Tricks has an important tool called Jam Station, which contains backing tracks samples in various tempos and keys and covers about genre that the platform offers.

Other helpful tools available are chord and scale finders, fingerboard trainer and a metronome, which is very essential for producing etudes. Moreover, Guitar Tricks receives regular updates that make the platform modern, attractive and friendly to learners. The core learning systems do get constant updates to incorporate modern and relevant teaching methods.

The platform’s instructors are expert guitarists

When looking to learn the guitar, YouTube videos and in-person instructors usually rank as the most effective methods. Guitar Tricks however beats these methods for the simple reason that it has a structure incorporating best teaching practices for all lessons, songs and even the whole curriculum. The platform has 45 instructors who are great teachers and accomplished guitarists. This array of choice beats the risk of engaging inexperienced teachers with hyped up CVs or relying on fast-paced YouTube videos made with little disregard to the various learning needs of different people.

It contains a rich diversity of songs in original arrangement

Guitar Tricks has more than 600 songs. This is double the number of songs on any other learning site. Due to regular updates and fresh inclusions, this number keeps rising and so does the number of song lessons. Moreover, the kinds of songs included are modern and oldie hits from the most celebrated artists such as Good Charlotte, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Van Halen, Extreme, Eagles, The Rolling Stones and many more. The platform has almost all these songs in both beginner and advanced level lessons with all the advanced lessons taught according to the original song arrangements. While this presentation helps avoid copyright complications, it also ensures the learners avoid the influence that many possible vague resemblances of the songs in question may bring.

Each lesson is detailed and thorough

All instructors on Guitar Tricks teach songs in detail and even infuse tricks and tips that may make a particular piece sound even greater. Many tutors will take you through sessions while doling tips such as how to add ghost notes to make a piece sound funkier and oldie hit sound contemporary. Moreover, Guitar Tricks has all these detailed lessons in video and tablature, which helps a lot in hastening the learning curve. With Guitar Tricks, you eliminate the gamble that is listening and guessing and instead adopt a sure learning method that uses videos, colorful sing along and explanations. Additionally, a good number of songs have sections dedicated to gear and sound construction. In the end, this is a great learning experience.

Regular preps and challenges

The platform sends out a periodic newsletter to members. This contains lessons covering different genres as well as various feature classes in different difficulty levels. These featured lessons are a great way to exercise and improve your guitar playing skills and knowledge. The diversity covered means that by practicing each of the featured lessons each time the newsletter goes out, you will improve your capabilities in different styles as well as techniques. There is no better way of improving your overall guitar playing ability while also having fun.

Virtual and available round the clock

Being a browser based online lesson, Guitar Tricks is available from virtually everywhere as long as there is a computer, or any internet enabled device for that matter, and half-decent internet connections. Moreover, that platform has a free iPad app that grants access to all the core features of the program without complementing with in-app purchases. You have to admit that such convenience is hard to come by from a local in-person instructor available for only a single 45-minute session a week.

It has a free trial version

While many guitar courses offer a trial version, it is comforting getting this from the market leader. This 14-day trial version may have limited features but it still offers 24 essential lessons, access to limited tutorials, technique reference library, Jam Station and artists’ categories for inspiration. It also has limited essential community features such as uploads and a messaging platform. All this will prepare you effectively for the real ride that comes with the full access that monthly subscriptions grant.

It is never redundant

Many guitar lessons available online cease having meaning the moment you attain a particular competence or skill level. Guitar Tricks is different because it is important even when you attain an expert level. The platform’s developers understand that there is huge difference between the levels and creates lessons that help you get to the top most level, guitar master.

Effective and affordable pricing

With all these great features, it is surprising that membership on Guitar Tricks costs only a paltry $19.95 a month. Moreover, an included discount chops 20% off your first month’s subscription upon registration. You can save a further 25% by opting for a yearlong subscription at a cost of $179. Do note that you have 60-day money back guarantee and can cancel your membership at any time.

As this Guitar Tricks review highlights, this is a great program and a true panacea for guitar enthusiasts looking to make the most of their passion. It however has a lot of content that beginners may find daunting to tackle. That notwithstanding, such feeling should disappear after using the program for a few days and learning to navigate it with ease. It is one of the best guitar-learning programs, remains recommended over every other program and scoops all five possible stars, (5/5).